Profile designations

For the Aeolus importer, of course the customer is king, and an important part of the corporate culture experienced every day. Feedback from points of sale was turned into even more readily perceptible profile designations.

For this, the Aeolus team and importer Heuver, due to their inter¬national focus, based their efforts on the explicit requests of many of their customers throughout Europe. The global profile designation, applied almost by default and a particularly vital criterion for the industry specialists with the same focal point, was an alternative to the famous top brands. 

This facilitated the work of the specialists as it helped them to recognise the most important criteria of Aeolus tyres:

  • Type of use 
  • Purpose 
  • Location 

at a glance and use them. The new designations will be fully intro¬duced gradually over the course of this year. The first tyres with the modified designation will be supplied to the trade very soon. 

The Aeolus designations are made up of three letters and two digits:

  • The first letter is always A – which stands for Aeolus, the manufacturer. 
  • The second letter provides the instruction on the intended axle position. 
  • The third letter denotes the type of use/purpose. 

The two digits which follow are the sequence number for the tyres. 

The former profile designation of the drive axle tyre HN369 supplied for regional traffic will become ADR69. 
A Aeolus 
D Drive 
R Regional 
69 Sequence number 

A summary of possible letter combinations:

  • A= Aeolus
  • S= Steer 
  • D = Drive 
  • T = Trailer
  • G = General
  • M = Mud / Off Road
  • C = Construction / Onroad/offroad
  • R = Regional 
  • L = Long Distance 
  • B = Bus 
  • W = Winter 
Aeolus Tyres marker

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